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What’s in season - Foxholes Farm

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Traditional Quality Beef and Pork straight from the heart of Hertfordshire

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  • What’s in season

    Seasonal food is important for extra freshness, value and flavour, find out ‘what’s in season’ this month and how to make the most of seasonal flavours from our Farm shop. 

    August –


    The root of a member of the mustard family, radishes have a peppery flavour and a crisp, crunchy texture, go for firm-skinned radishes, with no blemishes. If they feel soft, they are likely to be spongy inside, any greens still attached should look fresh and perky, the bigger the radish, the less crisp its texture.




    Although it’s technically a fruit, the aubergine is used as a vegetable, to avoid discolouration, cut just before cooking. In the past, recipes called for aubergines to be sliced and salted before cooking to reduce their bitterness. As modern varieties are much less bitter that’s no longer necessary, unless you’re planning to fry them, aubergines soak up oil like a sponge and salting also helps reduce the oil spitting process.


    Packed with plenty of nutritional punch, with high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and calcium. Boil for 3-5 minutes or steam for 4-5 minutes, depending on size, then serve with Hollandaise sauce or hot melted butter or chopped and baked in a quiche or combined with peas, broad beans, young spinach leaves and basil great used in pasta dishes.  Sprinkle with sea salt, brushed with oil and roast for 10-15 minutes or grill for 5 minutes, also great served with Parmesan shavings and a spritz of lemon juice.

    Grass-Fed Beef

    Our cows are reared to the highest standard and this time of year the cows are grass-fed! Whatever cut of beef you decide to cook always ask your butcher for advice how to cook the perfect cut of beef!


    The courgette is a variety of cucurtbit, which means it’s from the same family as cucumber, it is the most popular vegetable of the squash family, being extremely versatile, tender and easy to cook. Just don’t boil them!

    New Potatoes

    New potatoes have thin, wispy skins and a crisp, waxy texture, they are young potatoes and unlike their fully grown counterparts, they keep their shape once cooked and cut. They are also sweeter because their sugar has not yet converted into starch, and are therefore particularly suited to salads. Slowly simmer for 10-15mins then drain and add butter and a little salt.


    One of the delights of the summer season, much loved for their succulent texture, flavour and gorgeous juiciness, the juicy flesh can be sweet or sour, depending on which of the hundreds of varieties they are. Cherries are divided into three groups: sweet, sour and hybrids.


    Fruit from Foxholes Farm

    The size of large grapes, but with a more spherical shape, gooseberries are related to the blackcurrant, and have been a popular British fruit since as far back as Elizabethan times. Early in the season they are bright green, with a veined effect on the skin, and quite hard and tart, they are best for cooking, in particular to making the classic English pudding, gooseberry fool or crumbles.

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