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Traditional Quality Beef and Pork straight from the heart of Hertfordshire

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  • Farm Park

    Our Farm Park is currently closed, but we are due to open very soon..

    We will be putting extra measures in place to ensure our visitors a safe place to visit.

    1. A pre-booking for admission is now essential.
    2. There will be daily admission limits in place.
    3. Separate Morning and Afternoon sessions from 10.30am to 3.30pm (Friday & Saturday) only.
    4. The safety of our team and visitors remains a priority, please read the Farm Park guidelines on arrival.
    5. Animal feed will be for sale, only feeding the animals by tube may be in place.
    6. A new social distance route will in place to help minimize the risk of over crowding.
    7. As always we would encourage you to ask any member of staff if you have diffficulty in navigating your way around the Farm Park.
    8. Please be aware that pregnant women should not come into contact with animals, due to the risk of disease.
    9. Be aware that children who suffer from asthma/hayfever may experience difficulties in the dusty farm environment.
    10. Wash and dry hands thoroughly after contact with the animals, before eating and drinking and before leaving the farm.
    11. We ask you to please clean your hands using the sanitizer provided before entry and exit of the Farm Park.
    12. Use soap and water and dry with paper towels, the farm has hand washing points for you to do this.
    13. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear.
    14. It will not be mandatory to wear face masks in the Farm Park but we advise and encourage you to do.

    We are delighted to welcome you back and hope you have an enjoyable visit.


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