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  • What is a free range bronze turkey?

    Why think about buying a free range bronze turkey this Christmas? Why free range and why bronze?

    Let’s look at bronze first: the bronze turkey arrived in this country from Mexico. The journey took four months and the birds had their feet covered in tar to help them survive their travels; they were called “Bronze Turkeys” because of their striking colour.

    Early in the 18th century, such was the popularity of this flavoursome bird, 250,000 were shipped to Norfolk in time for Christmas and so the tradition of Norfolk Bronze turkeys over the festive season began!



    Why choose a free range turkey?

    You’ll simply notice the difference in the flavour of the bird which is the all important factor in choosing all food. The distinctive flavour of UK free range Bronze turkeys comes from the food they are fed throughout their lives.

    There’s a commitment amongst the breeders of free range Bronze turkeys to ensure their flocks are fed the very best while living an active, un-caged and “cared for” life; the birds are free to roam and enjoy their habitat until they reach the optimum age to deliver flavour and succulence at Christmas time.

    At Foxholes Farm we prepare our farm-fresh, dry-plucked bronze turkeys so that they’re oven ready and come in a presentation box with cooking instructions. What could be easier or better?

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