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  • Newsletter April 2012

    Whats New on the Farm and in the Farm Shop…

    Around the Farm

    Welcome to our April news letter. Spring is always such a busy & exciting time on the Farm, & this year is proving to be no exception!

    Our first born baby calves of the year, are now out in the fields at Foxholes with their mothers, & last years calves are out at grass for the summer on Kings Mead. Don’t despair though, we still have baby calves being born for you to see!

    Our surprise early bird piglet litter of 10 born in (hopefully) the last of the snow in early February, are ready to be weaned from their mum, as they have decided exploring the farm en-masse is their new game! Denise has become a little side tracked in creating a little poultry area for you & your friends & family to enjoy. We have laying hens, a beautiful cockerel named ‘Burnell’ & a rather noisy Bantam cockerel– who at present, is simply called ’ He’s so noisy’!!!

    Inside the Shop

    Things have been no less exciting in the shop. As always, Harry has been thinking up ideas for inspirational meats for you & your family. Fantastic stir– fries, mid week specials & BBQ options, seasoning, marinades & rubs. Venison, along with most game, is now out of season, but we shall continue with the very popular, Hertford Heath Veal, throughout the summer months.

    We have some wonderful new smoked Duck & Chicken breasts which are proving extremely popular for A-la carte sandwiches & salads, along with local Duck eggs, Asparagus, Hollandaise sauce & some of our fantastic new cheeses. We have some fantastic local & traditional Easter meats for to enjoy with your friends & family ( including Free range Geese & Turkeys)


    We shall have a new recruit starting soon after Easter, Glen will split his time between helping in the kitchen & Deli (as a trained Chef) & also undertaking a butchery apprentice, as did Harry. Terry, our longest standing butcher, has sadly been taken unwell. We all wish him a speedy recovery, and send him our fondest love.


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