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Traditional Quality Beef and Pork straight from the heart of Hertfordshire

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  • National Poetry Day at Foxholes Farm!

    It`s National Poetry Day and team Foxholes are potty about poetry..

    Here are some of the poems our lovely staff have written just for you..


    Day at Foxholes Farm

    Sunny days, rainy days, fields in the haze,

    Cattle are waking, ready to graze.

    Come walk the Farm Park a family treat,

    and on to the Tea Room for something to eat.

    Written by Pauline Shore


    Come down to Foxholes today

    we are sure you will enjoy.

    From burgers, sausages, joints and bacon,

    if we don`t have it we can certainly make them.

    From curry sauce to mint jelly,

    we have condiments to suit your belly.

    Written by Lee Wells





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