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  • It’s summer time and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors!

    With schools breaking up for the summer holidays this month, what better time to get the children outdoors and enjoying the lovely weather.

    Our baby bunnies are growing fast, getting fluffier and funnier every day but we still have to keep them safe. Our new born ‘kid’ goats are simply adorable as our gorgeous nanny goat has just given birth and you’ll find peacocks roaming around the farm thinking they own the place. The runner ducks live on the lakes and when they get hungry you can see them walking in-line throughout the farm park foraging for food, they look like their hands are in their pockets. Get up close and cuddle a baby goat, check out our timetable every day at the farm kiosk!

    Our Kunekune pigs are just as lazy as any other pigs, soaking up the sun and being fed all the time, boy what a life, they even get a hose down in hot weather just to pamper them even more.

    The goats are as naughty as ever, they are great escape artists and keep getting out of their pens, but are very happy climbing and eating everything in sight. Our chickens and geese have increased as we had lots of eggs hatch out this spring, you can see them freely roaming about, they are certainly free-range.

    Spring on the Farm

    Our Farm Park is open every day throughout the summer holidays from 10.00am, all you need to do is book online. Well behaved pooches on leads are also welcome!


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