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  • August – Blog 2018

    As we head into even more warm weather we still have a bumper harvest ahead, although most of our arable crops have already been harvested for winter silage our combines are still busy harvesting day and night. It`s important as farmers that we harvest now to help cut costs for our winter feed, although some farmers have had to dip into their winter supply during the dry heat.

    Our Farm Park team are kept busy feeding and watering the animals during these hot summer days, the Farm Park is a great way to just come and relax whilst taking in the Hertfordshire Countryside. We love opening every day (11am-3pm) at this time of year, it`s lovely to see our visitors learning new things about the farm and this month we have some new baby pigmy goats, a first for us here at foxholes Farm. With new calves due to arrive in the next few weeks we can share a fabulous piece of our farm life with our visitors, over the years we’ve wanted to create a haven for our visitors and their families to learn about good food and how our farm has grown.

    August brings us so many seasonal fruits and vegetables like aubergines, tomatoes, courgettes, beetroot, radishes, raspberries, peaches with apricots making an appearance later in the month, what’s not to like. This time of year it`s lovely to preserve your supply of plentiful produce, our farm shop has a wide range of products ready for the jam making season and don`t forget the all important pickling. Our Foxholes Farm Park trailer is always stocked with delicious cold snacks and drinks, great for all the family or if the children need a bite to eat whilst exploring the farm. We have plenty of delicious Children’s meal boxes at only £4.00 for them to enjoy within the Farm Park area.

    BBQ meats have been the main attraction this summer, steaks, chops, ribs, sausages and burgers are all very popular. If you love salad our resident growers have been busy producing some amazing salad, herbs and vegetables from the garden kitchen. With so much seasonal produce on offer this time of year we make sure nothing goes to waste by using any surplus on the Granny Smith’s Tea Room menu.

    If you’re fed up with cooking in this heat why not book yourself into the Foxholes Garden Kitchen, a rural outdoor dining experience run by Chef Director Lee Maycock, you will start with a walk through the garden kitchen where Lee will explain a little about the concept. You’ll then sit down to enjoy a fresh, simple, five course dinner using only produce from our farm and our farm shop. Numbers and dates are limited so book now to secure your place at this very unique venue. (See our Garden Kitchen page for details).

    So enjoy the rest of the summer because here at Foxholes Farm it’s all about the farming, food, family and fun!


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