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  • April Newsletter 2013


    The unseasonably bitter weather, yet still showing little sign of improvement, continues to set crops & animals back on the farm. Our crops, as with most springtime plants & grass, requires a reasonably constant, +5°c temperature to kick-start their spring growth with temperatures at present rarely coming close, things are moving very slowly! Unlike last Easter, when our lambs & newly hatched chicks could lay-in the beautiful warm sunshine, this Easter, they remain under cover & under electric heat lamps. Our 3 baby ‘Triplet Lambs’ are enjoying their newly acquired summer house, in front of our shop, alongside our baby chicks, hatched march end, who too are enjoying heat lamps! Although undercover you are still welcome to come along & have a look at them. They have been joined by our Rabbits & Guinea Pigs, who have been moved from their winter shelter & are now back at pets corner enjoying the first hints of spring. Our mummy cows have almost finished calving for the spring, with just a few remaining to be born. Plenty of new life & cute baby calves to be seen in our ‘Nursery Barn’ too.


    Despite the unseasonably cold weather, we are already experiencing a gentle trickle of ‘die hard’ BBQ enthusiasts ready to face summer head-on!! Harry & Mick, our lovely butchers, have already begun preparing fantastic sausages, burgers & marinated meats– all from our own animals, for your special occasions. Alongside their delicious offerings, we provide a multitude of sauces, marinades & rubs to compliment your purchases– or for you to concoct your own special BBQ flavours. Try our fabulous Roast potatoes seasonings in Original, Garlic & Rosemary or Cajun– Yum! With the temptation of spring in the air, we now have a small, yet delightful display of seasonal plants for sale just outside the shop. These include lovely potted plants for ideal gift ideas alongside border plants & culinary herbs. We have continued supplying loaves, rolls & buns from Simmons bakery, for sale Friday, Saturday & Sunday, & have expanded our range incredibly.

    Popular ‘Cook’ ready meals, using only meats & vegetables ‘Provenance assured’ their popularity seems ever increasing. We too have sourced locally a Coffee Roasting Company, who, not only offer an incredible selection of ground coffee beans, from 3 continents, but offer amazing value & sublime flavour too– Give them a try.

    We have also opened up our range of Bon Bon sweets, which literally seem to be flying from the shelves. Our customers delight in the retro varieties such as Pontefract cakes, Black Jacks & Fruit Salad, whilst the children love pink & white mice, Love Hearts & Candy Necklaces– with over 80 varieties to chose from, everyone’s tooth should be thoroughly satisfied! Our first major event of the season falls just before half term on the weekend 18th & 19th May.

    We shall be offering cooking & tasting demonstrations, alongside some of our loyal & local suppliers, who too, shall be using their products to tempt you with delicious cooking & eating ideas– make a note in your diaries!


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