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  • April – Blog 2022

    This month we focus on sustainability on our farm, making sure we do our bit for the environment and using natural resources where available.

    SUSTAINABILITY – This is a word we hear all the time now and in retrospect we still do not really think about it as much as we should. Here at Foxholes Farm we are keen to be as sustainable as possible, our family farm is always researching and learning different methods of sustainability.

    These are just a few of our methods that we use on the farm.

    Water Borehole – So incredibly important for all the growing, raising livestock and keeping our farm running smoothly. Using a borehole is safe, sustainable and a natural water source, as nearly all mains water is recycled which requires so much energy to achieve clean and safe drinking water.

    Packaging – As we are all aware todays deliveries of food and other products turn up with so much packaging, mostly cardboard. We have a huge amount of cardboard delivered every week which we make use of in the kitchen garden and flower farm, this material is a quick and easy fix for weeds and can reduce them by up to 75%. Cardboard is also a great mulch and decomposing cardboard adds organic matter to the soil, improving the gardens drainage and boosting nutrient levels. Any plastic trays or packaging are simply re-usable, mainly in our butchery for transporting meat to markets or around the farm for transporting home-grown salads and flowers.

    Solar Panels – Our solar panel system sits on our barn providing enough electricity to supply our farm shop. These panels are a natural way of generating electricity with virtually no noise or waste.

    Hedgerow Planting & Woodland Management – Our hedgerows provide shelter for livestock and crops by cutting down wind speed, which also prevents erosion. They are good for birds by providing corridors they can nest in and for poultry to disperse around the farm. In the last five years we have planted over 200 trees helping to make our farm more sustainable which is good for the environment and any cut logs are used in our wood-fired hot tubs for our glamping guests.

    Food Waste – When we think of food waste we think of products that no longer have a shelf life, but here at the farm its just the beginning. All our excess products are used to create dishes on our deli counter, vegetables are made into soups, meat made into pies, eggs made into scotch eggs, quiches and cakes. All other products that have seen better days go straight to our animals, which they enjoy immensely, the pigs are the greediest but the goats come a close second. The rabbits love munching on lettuce or carrots, the chickens and geese love anything from soaked bread to leafy greens or fruit, our farm team are always keeping an eye on daily wastage to feed to the animals.

    No Food miles – We have a field to fork ethos, using traditional farming methods to raise our very own livestock and homegrown produce. Our cattle herds and sheep flocks graze on our fields every spring and summer, but for the winter months we grow our own silage for animal feed during the winter months. Our ethos is sustainable farming, making our own produce without any food miles.

    Seasonality – is really important for us and this month the early spring brings us radish, rocket, spinach, watercress, spring onions and beetroot. Our butchery counter has some lovely family meat packs ready to stock up your freezer. If you are getting organised for Easter our online shop is available for taking pre-easter orders to make life just a little bit simpler.

    Great British Beef Week – 23rd – 30th April

    This year GBBW is focusing on recognising and highlighting British beef farmers and the work ethos tto supporting sustainable production practices on farm farms. With most practices in place our aim is to celebrate the sustainability of rearing beef the best possible way. Our beef is all home-reared here at Foxholes Farm and grass-fed, reaching the highest of animal welfare. Ask our butchers for more information and which cuts are best to suit you.

    Don’t forget to book your tickets !!!!
    Our ‘Lambing Live’ event kicks off from the 1st April to 25th April, tickets are now available to book! So join us for a true farming experience for all the family.

    We look forward to seeing you.


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